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Playful Child

Free 2 Be Me Dance

Our adaptive dance programme

Free 2 Be Me Dance is the DCBS adaptive dance program. It is specifically designed for children and young adults with additional needs. 

Through careful guidance and lots of attention during class, our dancers will learn dance movements, learn to follow directions and work on their coordination skills. It is a chance for the dancers to feel accepted all the while having fun, building confidence, strength, and forming meaningful relationships with their fellow dancers as well as with their teacher and teachers helpers, their “Ballet Buddies“.

The following are some of the outcomes we intend for our dancer as he or she participates in Free 2 Be Me Dance:

  • Appreciation of music

  • Building self-confidence

  • Enhanced self-esteem

  • Learning how to work together as a class

  • Learning to help and encourage one another

  • Following directions

  • Learning left from right

  • Separate upper and lower body movements

  • Coordinating movements to stop and start on cue

  • Improving focus

  • Adding movements they have invented

  • Improved balance & co-ordination

  • Posture and alignment

  • Increased pride in their accomplishments

Each Free 2 Be Me Dance class follows the same outline, providing stability for the dancers and helping them mature in their skills. Here is an example of some of the things we do in class and why they are helpful for your child:

The Welcome: Each child is greeted by name with enthusiasm so they know that they are welcome. This is meant to establish good feelings, warmth and emotional safety for the dancer. This is designed to make their transition to group work easier.

Our Mission Statement; 

“To bring the Joy of Dance to Children and Young Adults with Additional Needs”

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